10 questions with Theodor

1/ What are you up to right now?
Lately, I've been trying to figure out what path I should take. I've been experimenting with some music and just trying to make everyday life work.

2/ Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I hope to be doing something I love and having fun with, preferably within entertainment, whether that's TV, film, music, or something entirely different. I'm not sure exactly, but I hope to be engaging in something that entertains others.

3/ Why does your Instagram bio say RIP MF DOOM?
It's there because DOOM is one of the best at what he does – he's a legend whose name should live on after his death. He's someone I find a lot of inspiration in.

4/ Why don't you post anything on social media?
I rarely post for various reasons – I'm unsure about what I think is worth posting, and there's also a bit of laziness involved, to be honest.

5/ When will we get to hear more music from you? And will we be allowed to?
I can't promise a specific date right now, as I'm just playing around with it and trying to improve. At some point, there will definitely be something from me.

6/ What kind of music will it be?
I'm not entirely sure. I'm a huge hip-hop enthusiast and love crafting rhymes and finding creative ways to use the Danish language. But I also have a massive joy for standing with a guitar and singing some great songs, so maybe a bit of everything.

7/ When's your next performance and where?
I don't have anything lined up right now. However, I've had a summer full of great concerts with HAF, and I hope more will come because I really enjoy performing.

8/ Karaoke battle in Sønderborg center?
I'm up for it if you dare.

9/ Michael Jackson or Tupac Shakur?
I'll have to give it to Michael because he's the king. I also hold the somewhat controversial belief that Tupac is quite overrated, and he never really resonated with me. You can sue me, but that's the honest opinion to have, and anyone who truly understands hip-hop knows it.

10/ Will we see you back at the office soon?
You can bet on it, we will!



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